Dear Friends,
Welcome to Nativity Prep!  Please come to visit  our school after you have explored our website.

Each day at Nativity brings new experiences that challenge us to pay attention to the presence of God in all things. Our Jesuit tradition encourages us to find God in all faiths, all cultures, and all fields of study – from ancient history and physical science, to mathematics, literature and music. The world is filled with God’s grandeur, and at Nativity Prep we celebrate God’s gracious presence with our minds, our hearts, and our hands. Boys of all faiths and cultures are welcome at Nativity, for diversity and dialogue enrich the learning experience for all. At Nativity Prep, all students are taught to reflect, pray, and discern the movements of the Spirit in our world. A Nativity graduate knows what it means to be a contemplative in action, and a man for others.

We are proud of our Jesuit heritage. Any visitor to our school or our website will see references to the many Jesuit saints and scholars who serve as role models for our students, faculty, and staff. Each class is named for a prominent Jesuit whose courage and conviction helped to make a difference in the world. Our graduating class of 2009 was named for Fr. Jacques Marquette, the world-renowned explorer who unraveled the many mysteries of the Mississippi River in 1673. Like Jacques Marquette, Nativity students are challenged to explore new worlds, study foreign cultures, and learn the importance of daily gratitude for the many gifts they have received from God. Of course Fr. Jacques Marquette was not the only Jesuit to explore a mighty river. All Jesuits, and all students at Jesuit schools, are given the opportunity to discover and explore the river of living water that flows from the side of Christ. This life-giving water, this mighty river of God’s love, binds us together as brothers and sisters, children of God, people of many cultures and creeds, united together as one human family.

Inspired by St. Ignatius Loyola, who taught that God has a unique and direct relationship with each human person, we meet our students where they are, provide them with the help they need, and acknowledge that God calls each one of them by name to a life of gratitude and generous service. Our rigorous, highly structured program is tailored to meet the unique needs of students from low-income families and inner-city neighborhoods, providing them with the skills and the spirit to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

We hope that you find our website helpful and inspiring. Please give us a call to arrange a visit if you would like to share more deeply in this noble mission. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

Rev. John C. Wronski, S.J.