Summer Program

Nativity Prep’s Summer Academic and Leadership Program deepens and expands our students’ vision of themselves and the world by challenging them academically, physically, ethically, and socially to maximize their success at Nativity Prep, in high school, and in college.

The program aims to:

  • Develop leadership and teamwork skills.
  • Provide orientation for new students.
  • Improve the reading, writing, and math skills of all Nativity Prep students.
  • Provide Nativity Prep students with a safe, diverse, and educational summer experience.
  • Reinforce the values of selflessness, integrity, discipline, and “Nativity Spirit.”
  • Prepare 8th grade students for the upcoming SSAT exam and high school applications.

The program takes place each year during the month of July and is required of all students. We utilize multiple locations to accomplish our goals, including overnight experiences. Nativity Prep teachers, alumni, and other members of the school community staff the program. The Summer Academic and Leadership Program keeps our students’ education at the forefront of all they do. Through this program our students engage in activities that sharpen their minds in an environment that is nurturing and positive.